Power of Pause

By Susan Miles

  • A pause allows you time to reset your brain and your body
  • It can be taken almost anytime, anywhere.  Some examples:
    • before starting the car
    • before walking through a door
    • before speaking
    • while waiting in line or for an elevator
    • by a group, before a meeting begins
    • before taking a bite of the food on your plate
  • It is a moment of awareness during which you quickly note through your senses any physical or mental “knots” and let them go.  Occurs when you form the intent to pause, take a deep breath, and observe an area or two of your body, such as your feet on the floor, your hand on the door knob, your seat in the chair.
  • The pause is remedial, not analytical.  For example, noting your abdominal muscles are tight and breathing is shallow as a possible sign of anxiety, and then letting those muscles relax while taking a deep breath or two; not trying to trace the cause of the anxiety but just being aware it exists
  • It is not possible to experience the power of a pause while actively engaging with anything or anyone else.  Put down all electronic devices.